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Age Safe America Member in Good Standing

About Us

We know what it means to age in place, and to do it with dignity. We want to help people do so, safely.

Abased in Abilene, we travel throughout the TEXAS big country, providing Fall Prevention education to individuals, families, and organizations. We also specialize in providing home safety assessments (with an emphasis on fall prevention) 

Our Purpose

Maintaining Dignity at Home

Aging. Injury. Illness. These things happen. And when they do, we may find that the home that once served us so well is no longer up to the task. We may feel afraid of the environment we live in. Informed action can mitigate hazards in the home before they become incidents.


Our Mission

Aging-in-Place Industry Leader in the TEXAS Big Country

We see ourselves, first, as Hazard Hunters, and then as Action Planners. The organization we’re affiliated with, Age Safe America, has provided us with a comprehensive, multi-point, Home Safety Assessment. The results of the assessment help us fashion a prioritized action plan to remedy found hazards. We’re also able to schedule a series of follow-up visits for additional peace of mind.

Here’s a sampling of the issues addressed during our home assessment:
• Fall prevention myths and solutions
• Fire safety precautions and solutions
• Aging-in-Place home modifications
• Mobility and accessibility issues
• Home and Senior Safety Technologies
• Considerations for Alzheimer’s/Dementia
• Crime prevention and personal safety
• Senior exploitation, identity theft, and scams
• Communication challenges

Beyond hazard assessments, we offer referrals to suppliers, designers, and builders who specialize in residential remodeling and Universal Design.

Our Vision

Dignity, Safety, Security

People should be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible before moving to assisted living or nursing facilities.

Mom and Daughter Discussing Options

Each year, thousands of older Americans fall at home. Many of them are seriously injured, and some are disabled. In a single year, as many as 23,000 people over age 65 die and 2.4 million are treated in emergency departments because of falls.

Falls are often due to hazards that are easy to overlook but also easy to fix. Our 240-Point Home Safety Assessment (developed by Home Safe America) helps us find and fix those hazards before they become incidents.

6 Ideas for Reducing Fall Risk in the Home

1. Keep the Lights on

Insuffieient lighting increases fall risk when navigating the home in low-light conditions. So, keep the lights on even during the day. For nighttime navigation, install nightlights that will illuminate the path to the bathroom, and other important locations in the house.

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People should be able to stay in their homes for as long as possible.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention defines aging in place as "the ability to live in one's own home and community safely, independently, and comfortably, regardless of age, income, or ability level." One of the most significant threats to seniors' successful aging in place is falls.


DigniSpace LLC, a member in good standing with Age Safe America, is a training, advocacy, and services organization. Our offerings include Fall Prevention education, home safety assessments, advisory services for those who choose aging-in-place, and referrals to home modification contractors and others supplying the growing Senior Services industry.

Our Location

We serve all of North and Central Texas.

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