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Ron Mulligan Founder of DIGNISPACE

Our Story

Founded on Need. Driven by Compassion and Love.

Ron Mulligan | Founder/Managing Member

After college/Army ROTC, I embarked  on a decades-long career in engineering and manufacturing. So, what that means is I  am a newcomer to the aging services industry. For this reason, I am grateful to have  the folks at Age Safe America, LLC to turn to for training and coaching.

Like many guys… I’ve outlived my father… That’s not quite right. I’ve lived longer than my father  lived. Decades longer. Dad died when I was seven years old, and even though his passing was a  long time ago, I still remember him. The image of him that stands out the most: he was in a  wheelchair. He didn’t know it at the time, but I used to watch him go about his daily life. As you can  imagine, getting around the house was a struggle for him. 

Fast forward a few years, and I have a son of my own. At the age of 14, he was injured in a motor  vehicle crash. As a result, he spent six months in a wheelchair. He didn’t know it at the time, but I  watched my son go about his daily life. As you can imagine, getting around the house was a struggle  for him. 

Most recently, my wife has started using mobility aids to get around. She doesn’t know it, but I’ve  been watching her go about her daily life. As you can imagine, getting around the house has been a  struggle for her.  

Now what? 

Truth be told, I’ve had a great life; however, my careers in the military and building materials  manufacturing haven’t prepared me for what’s coming next/what’s happening now. In speaking with  my friends in the community, I’ve learned that my challenges with aging-in-place are not unique –  many of us are at a tipping point. We must answer an important question: If we choose to stay in  our homes for as long as physically possible, then what changes do we need to make to the houses  now?  

Further, how can I “learn to see” to improve my ability to identify hazards, and then fix those  hazards before they become incidents? This “Learning to See” (which is another name for Visual  Literacy) helped me find Age Safe America.  

Our Brand

DigniSpace, LLC 

DigniSpace has special meaning to us and we’ve sought USPTO protection for the brand. We  believe that people have the right to dignity and a sense of security in the home (or space) they inhabit. 


Our Affiliation


We highly value our affiliation with Age Safe America, LLC, and ascribe to its high standards for technical competency and ethical business practices


Our Certifications

Certified Senior Home Safety Specialist
Aging In Place Home Safety Advisor
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